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I am a wildlife and conservation filmmaker, specialising in filming within tropical environments, and available to work on a freelance basis for both long and short term projects.

You can watch my short documentary about rarely seen spider monkey feeding behaviour in the clay licks of the Peruvian Amazon, which I filmed, researched, wrote, edited and graded. I also wrote an article for the world’s leading conservation news site, about the behaviour, which you can read here

I am also one of the Scientific Exploration Society’s 2018 explorers as the recipient of the SES Neville Shulman Film Award 2018. With this funding, our team are making a short documentary about an illegal road being built through the Madre de Dios rainforest region of Peru and the potential impacts this may have on communities and biodiversity in the area.

You can read more about this award on my blog page, and you can also visit our expedition site


I am also a marketing and social media professional and am available on a freelance basis for short term marketing projects. Having run the marketing department for one of the UK’s leading advertising agencies for over three years, I am experienced in both creating and delivering effective marketing and branding strategies. 

I also love combining my experience in marketing and social media management with content creation. Whilst running the social media for the conservation organisation, the Crees Foundation, I was able to put this into practice, with a series of targeted volunteer recruitment short films for social media, and ongoing social media campaigns using my own photography and wildlife films. 

Workshops & Training

I have co-created and delivered two three-month multimedia journalism courses from the Crees Foundation’s remote research base in the Peruvian Amazon. This includes teaching weekly workshops on a range of topics, such as photography, filming, marketing, writing and post production, as well as mentoring participants, editing assignments and helping curate portfolios. Over and above this, running these courses requires an in-depth knowledge of how to effectively work in a tropical environment, plan for the unpredictable conditions, and care for camera equipment.

I am available for workshops and training courses on any of the above subjects. Contact

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Setting up for macro filming

Setting up for macro filming

Scouting locations for drone flying along the Mascoitania stream

Scouting locations for drone flying along the Mascoitania stream

Baby caiman