It's expedition time... Scientific Exploration Society sponsorship announced! by Eilidh Munro

In November, I'll be heading to the Manu Biosphere Reserve with an awesome team, aiming to make a documentary on a road being illegally built through the rainforest and seeking perspectives from people living in the area. This week, our team were presented with the Neville Shulman Film Award 2018 at the SES Explorer Awards in London!

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Mongabay feature: New short film captures rare spider monkey feeding behaviour by Eilidh Munro

This article was first featured on, the world's leading conservation news site.

Reaching the forest floor — far from the safety of the canopy — is a perilous voyage for any monkey, not to mention an inexperienced juvenile. Nonetheless, an integral feeding ritual means that canopy-dwelling spider monkeys must at times venture to the ground, and encourage their young to do so too…

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